BPI #BestLifeRun: A Celebration of Fitness and Community

On June 9, 2024, BPI hosted its first-ever corporate running event, marking a significant milestone in the country’s history: BPI #BestLifeRun Corporate Race 2024. The event, which took place in Makati, saw an impressive turnout with 4,000 registrants participating in two main events: a 5km and a 10km run. The success of the BPI Run was bolstered by the support of numerous sponsors. Kinetix Lab and Kinetix+, along with other companies, played a crucial role in ensuring the event’s smooth execution.
Participants of the run had the option to choose between the 5km and 10km events, catering to both novice runners and more experienced athletes. The routes were meticulously planned to ensure safety and enjoyment, with crossing guards and hydration stations situated along the route. The atmosphere was electric, with runners of all ages and backgrounds coming together, united by their love for running and community spirit.
One of the highlights of the event was the involvement of Kinetix+ coaches, who hosted comprehensive warm-up and cooldown programs. These sessions were designed to prepare the runners physically and mentally, reducing the risk of injury and promoting better performance. The warm-up session, held before the start of the races, included dynamic stretching and light cardio exercises, setting an energetic tone for the day. After the runs, the cooldown program focused on static stretching and relaxation techniques, aiding in muscle recovery and providing a perfect end to the strenuous activities.
At the Kinetix booth, attendees got to try out complimentary refreshments and some of the services being offered at the Recovery Lab. The Recovery Lab is Kinetix+’s premiere recovery center led by expert physiotherapists.
The #BestLifeRun was more than just a race; it was a celebration of health, community, and corporate responsibility. By encouraging employees and the community to participate in physical activity, the companies involved reinforced its commitment to promoting wellness and a balanced lifestyle.


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